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In the 21st century, electronic products have become an indispensable thing for everyone. But what other electronic products do you know besides smart phones? Let’s introduce some common electronic products.

Tablet PC

Ten years ago, the only computers we could see were desktop computers and laptops. Laptops are still thick. With the rapid development of information technology, tablet PC have become a very common electronic device around us. It not only has some functions of smart phones, but also can realize the office work of Laptops. Touch screens make it more convenient for many people who draw pictures.

Smart Speaker

The development of speakers has always been very synchronous with the development of computers. Speakers generally depend on computers or mobile phones. With the progress of science and technology, AI smart speakers have quietly appeared. This kind of smart speaker is different from the previous speakers that simply. It can interact with the high-tech furniture in the home and talk to people. For example, you can say “Hi, help me turn on the TV” and then the smart speaker can realize your idea.

Bluetooth Earphone

Earphones have become an essential device around us. The development of science and technology has freed earphones from troublesome data cables. It is indeed much lighter to use than before. There are also corresponding problems. For example, noise may sometimes occur. Noise reduction is also a big problem. The bluetooth earphones are easily lost.

Smart Watch

As the name implies, smart watch is a kind of watch that is more smart than ordinary watches. It looks like a watch. Many manufacturers simulate the appearance of the watch when making it. However, it has many special functions than watches. For example, smart watches like HONOR Watch Magic series have higher precision positioning system. It has professional fitness detection and sleep detection, making life more convenient.

Smart Bands

Electronic Products

Compared with smart watches, smart bands are smaller and lighter and more convenient to carry. It has many functions. Such as HUAWEI Band 5 Pro, which can also measure heart rate, sleep, linkage with mobile phones, and even support nine sports tracking, etc. Its functions are not as many as those of smart watches. It does not look as cool as smart watches. It can already meet the functional needs of many people. Its cost performance is relatively higher.

These are common electronic devices except smart phones. Their convenience covers almost all aspects of our life. It is hard to imagine what our life would be like without them. Which electronic product do you need?