Maintaining your hot tub or spa so it’s always clean and hygienic can be a bit of a chore and some jobs are worse than others. One of the most dreaded jobs is cleaning the water filter which with some methods can take a fair bit of time. There are however some handy gadgets out there than can reduce the time it takes so you can get on with enjoying your hot tub instead.

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One of these handy pieces of equipment is the Aquacomb. Designed to clean your filter in around 3-5 minutes it can turn a dreaded job into a much more pleasant one and comes at a reasonable price as well. It works by simply attaching to a normal garden hose and working the comb through the pleats of the filter using the pressure of the water to remove dirt , bugs and debris. Designed and built in the USA it will last for many years and will work on both salt and chlorine based water filter systems.

Water Filter Wand

Another alternative gadget that is also effective at filter cleaning is the Water Filter Wand. Again, it attaches to a standard garden hose and operates at the flick of a switch to clean both sides of eight pleats in one single downward motion. It will flush out all dirt and debris and is most effective when the filter has been soaked in degreaser before hand. It is designed to decrease water wastage which is a bonus if your water supply is metered.

Estelle Filter Cleaner

For an even easier way to clean your filter try the Estelle Filter Cleaner. It requires no work on your part other than connecting it to the tap and placing the filter in the appliance. Around one minute later you can remove a perfectly clean filter and will get a return on your investment after only five filter cleans.