Florida has been a famous tourist attraction since many years. People always love to visit Florida not only because of its beauty but also due to its tropical beaches and enchanting keys. Marathon is one of the famous places of Florida consisting of a large number of keys from the middle keys.

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Keys are the coral cay archipelago and Florida Keys are located in the southern coast of Florida. They begin from the southern coast of Florida peninsula. Most of the Florida Keys are located in the Monroe Country, approximately 95 percent.

Marathon – The Heart of Florida Keys:

Marathon, a beautiful place in Florida, is called the heart of Florida Keys because of its very location which is right in the middle of Florida Keys chain of islands. The Marathon incorporates a number of keys in it including the Boot Key, Long Key, Pigeon Key, Conch Key, Grassy Key, Crawl Key and Duck Key.

Seven Mile Bridge is a popular one in Florida and has been filmed in many movies. It separates the lower Florida Keys from Middle Florida Keys. This bridge is also used to host a run of seven miles every year named as Seven Mile Bridge Run.

The keys included in the Marathon have great attractions also. Beautiful park-like settings are arranged in the Long Key for fishing, camping or just relaxing. There are also a number of vacational rentals in this Key.

Duck Key is popular because of its Hawk’s cay resort and other business meetings can be arranged here. Grassy Key is famous for the Dolphin Research Centre and is closest to the Marathon Key. Dolphin Research Centre is a great learning opportunity about the dolphins and also an amazing attraction.

Marathon City Marina is known as the jewel for cruisers of the Keys and have 226 mooring balls and some dockage. Florida Keys Marathon also causes a fuss in the city and a source of attraction for the people.

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