French is one of the most popular and increasingly used languages in Europe and across the globe. French holds pride to be an official language in many renowned organizations including UNESCO, Red Cross Association, UN, and many well-acclaimed committees and associations working for international cause. French is the second most used language in Europe that is why it has been taught as part of curriculum in many schools and institutions.

The increased use of French in Europe and across the globe

French is a popular language and learning to speak and write French can pave path towards many potential employment and career opportunities especially for those who seek a reputable career and future in France. Whether its education, teaching, translation and interpretation, hotel industry, or tourism, learning French holds numerous valuable opportunities in various sectors of life for people across the globe. French is spoken in almost 5 continents and used extensively in travel and tourism industry. Because of this significance, more and more people show interest to learn and practice this rich language and be a part of a thriving community with loads of career and occupational opportunities

Tips to learn French

There are no simple rules to learn a new language and same holds true for French language. One of the most important tips for people who want to learn French is to avoid translating words and phrases into English as it will create confusion and will mess up the whole learning process. Focus on grammar including verbs and their conjugation and use of idioms and expressions commonly used. Whether it’s the use of French verb to have, avoid or être, a person has to master using verbs and appropriate grammar to speak and understand French language optimally. Taking classes and learning basics would only help if one indulges in reading literature, books, and short stories to get familiar with the essence of the language. Never try to learn everything at once. Begin with words, then move to phrases, idioms, short sentences, expressions, and grammar. It takes time to master any language and repetition and practice is the key.

Languages evolve and learning is a lifelong journey. That is why keep on reading and expanding your vocabulary and master one of the world’s leading languages.

Avoir is one of the most common French verbs. It is irregular in conjugation and literally means “to have.” In addition, it is used in numerous idiomatic expressions and as an auxiliary verb.