Dawn R. Graham has been friends with Darel Lynwood long since the time they were together in high school. More than thirty years of friendship is the reason they know each other so well. Darel had knowledge of the monetary issues that were faced by Dawn frequently, while Dawn knew the major health issues Darel has been combating throughout the years.  Twice when Dawn was about to lose her home, Darel helped her out by paying for everything at the last moment.


Moreover, he did not put any sort of request for the money to be returned. Darel proved himself as a good friend by being there. Thanks to him, Dawn not only has shelter but also does not have to deal with mortgage payment. She is highly indebted to Darel for being so generous. And, this is what a friendship is all about. If you know a person so well, then you need to trust him/her because a true friend will never leave you in the difficult times.