Have you ever asked yourself, how do I stop chocolate cravings? How do I stop sweet cravings? Or how do I stop food cravings? Don’t you wish there was something on the market to cure these cravings… Zanetics Crave-Stop is your answer!


After watching person after person jump on a health and fitness fad only to fail and revert back to their original weight or worse, a study was undertaken as to why they failed. The overwhelming majority of responses were due to the difficulties associated with cutting out foods that have been a staple part of their diet for so long. What was causing all these people to not achieve their goals? Cravings! Cravings for chocolate, pasta, sweets, the list goes on. But the recurring themes were carbohydrates and sugar.

There has to be something that can help and ease the pain of just saying “No” and hoping you’ll stop wanting that chocolate bar.

There is!

After extensive research and numerous trials Zanetics Crave-Stop was brought to the market.

This has been trialled on new mothers, lifetime dieters, crossfit athletes, amateur bodybuilders and people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. There has been great success with participants claiming craving eradication and in some cases appetite suppression, however individual cases may vary.

Why do I get cravings and how does Crave-Stop help?

Cravings are the by-product of chemical imbalances in the body and are generally caused by a dip in serotonin levels. Crave-Stop is formulated to re-balance the body and boost serotonin levels, preventing the desire for carbohydrate and sugar heavy foods. Crave-Stop achieves this by providing your mind and body with the essential vitamins they need.

The ingredients in Crave-Stop have been shown in various studies to reduce food cravings and suppress appetite by increasing the amount of serotonin (feel-good hormone) in the body.

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