Which hazel is a herb which is popular now a days as a great fighter against acne and other skin problems like boils, wrinkles and pimples because it has anti inflammatory and antioxidant property. Witch hazel is highly suggested remedy for those who have oily skin and face acne problems.

What is witch hazel?

It is a flower of red and orange color which is grows in China, Japan and North America as winterbloom. Witch hazel is also known as hamamelidaceae in some part of world because its belong to same family.

In past witch hazel was used in very limited medical products. It was used as one of the effective hemorrhoid remedy but now it used in number of products like skin care, sore throat and hair removal products. Some popular medicine also has witch hazel which is used to shrink swollen veins and stop bleeding.

Witch hazel and treating acne

There are number of causes due to which acne can be appearing on your face and other part of body. Oily skin is known one of the main cause of acne because it blocks the follicles “the small glands in your skin, through which skin breath”. To treat acne you need to first treat your oily skin which can be done through medical treatments which are very costly and nor effectively works for every one.

Witch hazel is a natural remedy to treat acne especially on oily skin. There are many different ways through which witch hazel can removed acne and smooth your skin. This is why this amazing herb is the essential ingredient of most of skin products.

Which hazel contain anti acne properties like astringent, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and anti irritant. It also balances the pH level in your skin which improves the tone of skin.

Witch hazel shrinks the skin which reduces the size of pores and reduces clogging, bacteria and sebum. Its also clean the dirt in pores. One of the causes of acne is excess amount sebum in skin, witch hazel reduce the production of sebum by shrinking

the skin.

How to use witch hazel to treat acne?

Which hazel can be used in my many ways like you can use it as skin toner, make up remover or you can apply on your face as mask. In all ways its purpose is to remove dirt from pores, shrink skin and kill bacteria.

  1. Witch hazel toner and make-up remover: Instead of using unnatural toner and make up remover which is made with chemical it is best to use witch hazel water. Witch hazel water is easily available in market but you can make your own toner by adding three drops of lavender oil, half tablespoon of dried lavender flower in half cup of hazel flower. All you need to mix all of these ingredients in a jar and give one week time to mix them together. After one week of daily shake your witch hazel toner is ready. Apply this toner on acne area on daily bases and massage for few seconds. The best time to apply witch hazel toner is night.
  2. Witch hazel mask: Witch hazel mask did not just treat acne but also refresh your skin. Homemade mask of witch hazel can made by mixing one tablespoon of lemon, honey and half tablespoon of pure witch hazel. Apply thin liquid mixture on your face for 20 minutes and wash with cool water. You will instantly feel and see the improvement in your skin freshness.

Benefits of using witch hazel:

  • It is 100% nature remedy which does not have any side effects
  • Witch hazel tones your skin very gentry specially using in morning
  • It can be used a cleanser, makeup remover and conditioner for your skin
  • Witch hazel did not remove essential moisture from your skin because it is 100% natural
  • Cleanse and keeps your skin refresh naturally

In short witch hazel is not just a complete solution for acne problem but also treat other problems of skin.