Remote controlled drones are hitting the market very popularly. It’s getting hugely popular among adults and kids alike. It has several purposes apart from being a fun hobby – serves for marketing purposes in business, capture videos for online websites etc. As a new probable purchaser of the quad copter, you should educate yourself about general rules of flying safe.  Apart from the rules there some more important things to know before you make the final purchase.

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  • Flying mechanism is different for every drone – Not all drones are easy to fly as the flight controller set up may vary. Some flight controllers are developed for agile flying while others are more stable. It may sometimes get difficult to control flying especially if you are newbie.
  • Not All quadcopters are directly ready to fly – Every quadcopter comes with several common acronyms and it’s a good idea to be familiar with them before buying.
  • RTF stands for Ready to Fly. RTF quadcopter means that it doesn’t require any additional assembly and by simple battery charge and installing the propeller to the quadcopter, you are ready to fly.
  • BNF denotes Bind and Fly. BNF quadcopters comes in completely assembled package but without any controller. You would usually have to buy a compatible controller separately
  • ARF is for Almost ready to fly. For ARF quadcopters you might have to apply some engineering to partially assemble as they come with a kit. Depending on the company and the brand, various parts like controller, battery, motor etc. may or may not be available with the kit. It’s best to read more details for ARF on the package to understand what you are purchasing.
  • Join an online drone community or a forum – Joining an online forum helps you connect with all drone lovers like you. Additionally you can bond and discuss about functionalities, several products in market, best quadcopters to buy or any specific issues you are facing.
  • If you are newcomer in this sport, I’d recommend buying a good but inexpensive drone to get hands on and experience; you don’t feel guilty with the rough handling and for any scratches or damage and also save money in the first buy. This usually goes for all sports equipments like table tennis racquet; we buy a cheaper one first, get a good experience and then switch to a heavy expensive set.

There are so many affordable and good quad copters available in market. You can check out best quadcopters under 100$. Happy shopping!