Our life is based on the relationships that we have. Without a relationship, we have nothing- no family or loved one to look after. There are several other perks of being in a relationship and one of them is feeling happiness at all times. You may deny it, but relationship quotes play a strong role in keeping the bonds strong. Here’s how.

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To express love

Whether you are a parent, sibling or partner, you are bonded to each other through love. Experiencing it is one thing but expressing is an altogether different thing. Many of us love someone but lack the ability to express our love properly. For so many people out there, this has been the root cause of breakups and marriages falling apart. According to latest studies carried out on psychology, every one of us needs to hear that we are being loved and cared for by someone. This boosts our morale and brings happiness. However, if we are not being assured verbally from time to time that we are loved, things get a bit sour and the relationship starts dying out gradually. When people had run out appropriate words for expressing their love for someone,  relationship quotes  have helped a great deal. Surf the internet to find the perfect quote to bring a smile on your partner’s face.

To rectify a situation

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. While there may be a thousand happy things happening to you as a couple, one bad situation can ruin it all. Every person who has ever been in a relationship knows that it is not easy to prevent such situations. Small fights over petty issues seldom take place and the whole scenario comes to a point where one has to apologize and express their true love for the other. Unless these apologies sound like they truly came from the heart, there is no way that you will be able to rectify the situation. Most of us do not get any farther than the plain ‘I am sorry and you know I love you.’, therefore, we cannot attain the result we expected. Try going through a few relationship quotes and using them instead. With so many quotes on relationships, it is pretty easy to find one that befits your situation and trust me, the charm of a quote always works.