Using your band saw as a Saw Mill is the same as a portable Saw Mill:


A lot of people out there have an actual portable saw mill that they can use; a piece of equipment like this is heavy duty, expensive and still hard to move around even though it says that it is portable. However there are also a lot of people out there who have been able to master using their band saws as a portable saw mill. They way that you use both are the same you just should be more concentrated and steady when using a band saw as a saw mill because there is less to protect you or help in comparison to using a real portable saw mill. With that being said the main reason that people turn to getting and or using their own saw mill is so they can cut down their own lumber and make their own wood for projects and or for the fire. Keep in mind that there are a lot of other reasons as to why having a portable band saw as a saw mill is a great idea.


Top Reasons for Using a Band Saw as a Saw Mill:

Reason One –

It is known as being the most efficient way for taking logs of wood and being able to cut them up into pieces of lumber.

Reason Two –

The options and variety for mills out there makes it hard to find just one for everything. As you get started, begin small with easy projects or as a hobby and then as you get better making cuts and doing the work you can expand to more and more ideas.

Reason Three –

They make use of the wood in which would usually be waste at a normal saw mill, so doing it this way is a great feature for a green business.

Reason Four –

Using a band saw mill allows it to be more economically possible to manage land where as commercial loggers need a lot of room, such as twenty to sixty acres. This also helps to increase the value of all of the trees that you end up harvesting.

Reason Five –

Having a small sawmill business like this is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors, especially in an area that is rural because you are not the only one who doesn’t like the selection of wood or the prices of it at the local lumberyard.

Reason Six –

A sawmill like this allows you to be able to cut species of wood that is odd, otherwise known as specialty markets. Commercial sawmills don’t have time to do this.

Reason Seven –

Because using a band saw as a saw mill makes it so easily portable it is a great way to ensure that you have a massive amount of room for your business to grow as well as for you to make a really good income.

Reason Eight –

You can think of it as a fun project for the entire family to do; just putting one together can be fun and everyone can be involved. For example the kids can just hand you the bolts and the nuts but remember it is about the time you are spending together and the experiences that they are learning.

Reason Nine –

Having a sawmill that is mobile such as this is also a great way for you to get plenty of exercise and tons of fresh air.

Reason Ten –

Do something you enjoy and not really worry about it because to invest in it is very little money; less than what people spend on boats, golf clubs and more and you can easily make your money back and more just by having a small business and doing things for fun.

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