Are all the good names already taken for your blog? Of course, you’d think so but are you’d be surprised at what opportunities are still available if you know where to look. Sure the best ones are taken, but with a little creative thinking you too can come up with your awesome blog name.

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When looking for a good name for your blog you’ll want to consider a few basic rules. Consider the following concepts when creating a name for your new blog.

1 – Keep it short

Your blog name should be as short as you can find because people don’t like to type long winded names. Eventually, you might turn up in Google Search but how will they find you until then? Sure all the good names have been taken so you might need to use a blog name generator to find a creative name for your blog. I find, keeping my domain name to 10 characters or less works well when choosing a blog name.

2 – Leave out the hyphens

Sure you can find an abundance of domain names with hyphens but don’t go there. It’s a sure way to confuse your readers when they want to share your blog name. How do you even spell hyphen anyway?

3 – Be creative with other domain extensions

There was a time where you’d need to buy up similar domain names when choosing a blog name to protect your brand. These days they are so many extensions to choose from, it’s much harder to protect your brand. This gives you an opportunity to find a suitable blog name using one of the countless extensions available.

4 – Test the name with your friends

Before you hit the ‘Add to’ cart button, make sure you ask your friends what they think of this name. What seems like a good idea to you might actually be a ‘thumbs down’ when you ask others.

Find a few ideas and run with the one that has the most positive feedback.

5 – Own the name

Your blog is going to be around for quite some time, so make sure you love the name. Is it a name you are proud of? Are you happy to tell people you own it?

If you decide to change your mind down the track, all your hard work branding this blog will be lost and you will have confused readers. Get it right the first time and ‘own it’.

So there we have it, five essential tips on finding your perfect blog name. As mentioned before, your blog will be around for some time, so take your time and get the name right from the start. Do you want to start a blog? Here are some basic instructions for starting a blog.