Having an emergency contact in your phone list comprise of those ‘just in case’ items those are easy to put aside and not remember at all. But if there comes a time when you need it, it is imperative that the information you have is correct and up to date.IS1jb03wum5x8n0000000000

These days, you can practically store all of your computer information on your cell phone, from entire music collection to the recent dog-riding-a-skateboard video. You can also make use of your Smartphone as a safety net in case of an emergency. Just take 5 minutes right now to tap such vital numbers into your contact list so you are very well prepared if something unexpected happens.

  1. Home – This should be your home’s landline, if you have one. If someone finds your lost cell phone, they can call on your number to inform you that your phone is intact. The emergency personnel perhaps would also try your home number as an alternative number if they are unable to find any other emergency contact on your device.
  2. ICE – This is a number which basically stands for ‘In case of emergency” and it should be your emergency contact saved on your device. It could be a close friend, your spouse, parents or whomever you want notified in case something bad happens to you. Many hospital personnel and emergency responders know to look for this number in case of an emergency.
  3. Police – If you have already witnessed someone or have an emergency and are in need of professional help, you can notify your local police station about the scenario more rapidly if you have Lakeville MA Police Department number saved on your phone.
  4. Roadside Assistance – There are several different places to get roadside assistance, including vehicle manufacturers, cell phone carriers, credit card companies, motor clubs and of course the auto insurance services. Whoever you trust to change your flat tire, ensure you keep their number saved on your phone.
  5. Fire Assistance – It is imperative that you keep Lakeville Ma Fire Department number saved on your phone as well. This is because you will be able to call them for help in case fire breaks up in your home or your office.
  6. Water Damage Restoration Services – As you are living in Lakeville MA, you must save water damage restoration service contact on to you device as an emergency contact. This is beneficial as you would be able to ask them for help with water damage restoration in Lakeville MA in case issues related to water damage restoration occurs.

Moreover, you should visit the Lakeville MA Town Hall Site for more details or assistance if you need any.