If you are planning to go on camping and have not done it ever before, do not get intimidated as its fun, simple, and exciting and a lot cheaper contrary to what majority of peeps think.

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The camping guide:

If you are planning a trip with family or friends and wish to do camping adventure then do not fret and follow some basic guidelines to get yourself fully prepared for the venture.

Make a group

Camping alone can be risky for the beginners, that is why it is advised to go in groups. Make a group of friends some of whom have the experience of travelling to the place you people intend to visit. Traveling to novel destinations for camping with no prior experience may create hassles.

Things required

When going on camping, some basic things are required that are easily available in market and are quite cheap. Get camping gear, some clothes according to weather, sleeping bags, tent, footprints, sleeping pad, lanterns, torch light, first aid kit, bugs spray, and lots of food.

Find camp sites

Every state has lots of camping sites and the best idea is to go to the nearest holiday station or hill area where a safe and sound leisure time can be spent with friends and loved ones. Book the place beforehand as campsites are usually heavily booked during holiday season. Organized and well managed camp sites usually have clean bathrooms and clean supply of water. Many camping stations sell firewood as well so make sure you make reservations early and carefully.

Things to do

Plan some activities head and research things that can be done at place you have chosen to go for camping. Nature tours, fishing, picnic, beaching, day hikes, photography, and sports are some of the most fun filed activities that people can do while on camping. Camping for beginners might appear an activity full of hassles, but if planned well it can turn out be the most fun-packed adventure one can ever have.

Clothes to wear

The clothes to be worn depend greatly on the weather. Take some sweaters, hoods, and jackets when going to hilly areas as weather gets colder in evenings and during night. Take sweat shirts, light weight trousers, hats, caps, and umbrella when camping off at a place where weather is mild or hot.


Barbecue is the best food to be eaten during camping. Take some frying pans, sauce pans, skillets, and kettle to cook food. Tea, coffee, beans, chocolate, chips, biscuits, raw meat, eggs, sandwiches, oats, and snacks are ideal to be taken while going on camping.