The smell of fresh bacon and a delicious side of scrambled eggs will surely get everyone running out of their tents early in the morning to dig in! Imagine: waking up out of your lightweight 2-person tent, or maybe you have a 6person family camping tent. There is nothing like breakfast out in the woods with your loved ones and friends to enjoy your morning and spend memorable moments together!

Here are some ideas to get you planning ahead for your next camping trip:

1.The All Inclusive Breakfast

Don’t leave any ingredients out with this tasty breakfast recipe that includes 3 eggs, 3 sausage links, half a potato, shredded cheese and milk! Cook this all together in a pan and once you get the cheese melted on top of the finely cut up sausage links and potatoes, it will be a great dish that will impress all your friends!

2. Foil Breakfast

As most people know, aluminum foil is essential when camping! It allows you the flexibility to cook so many classic campfire recipes! For this recipe, you just need aluminum foil, hash brown potatoes, bacon or sausage and spices. Place all ingredients of your choice into the aluminum foil and the ingredients will easily cook from the heat available right above the coals!

3.Breakfast Burrito

Prep delicious burritos to enjoy right at the campsite! Just make sure to bring flour tortillas, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, onions and any other ingredient you may want to take along! Simply warm up the flour tortillas over the stone burner for a couple seconds each side, then place the fried eggs and bacon/sausage in the tortilla! Add some salsa and sour cream and you and the kids will be enjoying this quick and easy to handle breakfast in no time.

4.Blueberry Breakfast Bake

For those of us who wake up with a sweet tooth bright and early in the morning, this easy to make recipe will satisfy that craving! It is essentially blueberry bread pudding in aluminum foil, and the only ingredients you’ll be needed for this is bread, milk and cream, blueberries, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. To minimize the effort and time when you are ready for this fulfilling breakfast treat, don’t forget to prep the bread by cutting it into pieces and placing it in a container. This way, when it comes time to cook, all that’s left is to place the rest of the ingredients and cook away on the grill!

5.DIY Instant Oatmeal

This simple and easy to pack recipe is a great healthy choice to pack for the next camping trip with your friends and family. Being health conscious at the campsite will make people love you for it and will also fit into most people’s healthy food regimen! Don’t forget to bring fruits and toppings and enjoy this great choice of breakfast along with your favorite hot cup of coffee.

6.Mini Pancakes

This recipe is super simple to make so long as you have pancake mix, water, a measuring cup, a skillet, a spoon and have a heat source readily available! Bring various pancake mixes to change it up! Everyone will appreciate it when they enjoy the pancakes all the way up to the last bite.

7.Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Who doesn’t enjoy a hearty, delicious breakfast that happens to be quick and easy! To make this savory dish you will need to pack bacon, eggs, all purpose flour, milk, onions, spices and cheese! Essentially, you can add any ingredients of your choice to really customize it and make it all your own!