There has been introduced a new sub-genre of hookahs which include Electronic Hookah Pens, Portable E-Hookahs and Hookah Sticks. Hookah sticks and E-hookah pens are easily available in a range of flavors, and some are even nicotine free.

Hookah pen:

The hookah pen has many names like e-pens, e-hookahs, vape pens, e-cigs and many more. But if you look at it these are all just nicknames given for a vaporizer. There are also more advanced vaporizers or hookah pens available.

The different kinds of hookah pens:

Disposable hookah pens:

A disposable hookah pen requires low maintenance, and is basically unbreakable. They produce lots of vapor even with being such a compact device. They are actually single piece units which are preloaded by a specified nicotine amount and a specified flavor. They can depending on the brand you choose, good to go for about between 300 to 800 puffs. When they get finished, you can just throw them away.  The notable of these hookah pens are manufactured by the familiar shisha brands like Starbuzz and Fantasia and they also come in their own signature flavors. Hence by these disposable hookah pens you can get an idea about the flavors which you like and the nicotine levels that can work for you. You can do this all without having to invest in complete refillable device or e-liquid bottle.

Refillable hookah pens:

Refillable hookah pens like the Fantasia refillable E-hookah or the eGo-T CE5 offers much more flexibility in your vaping experience. There is a need for the addition of the e-liquid to the refillable hookah pen manually, but this enables you with the opportunity to choose from a variety of different exciting flavors. All of the refillable hookah pens come with a flavor tank i.e. a cartomizer which you are able to fill with any of the flavor of the e-liquid which you want. This helps in simulating the hookah experience as you can then choose your very own adventure and you can even experiment with exciting new flavor mixes. The e-liquids also have non-nicotine options available for people not wanting to intake nicotine. The cartomizers however need to be replaced because they can burn out after approximately every month. There is an extensive line of e-cigarette and e-hookahs available and its options and modes are ever-growing, so you can easily peruse the wide range of the electronic vaping section and hence pick up whatever is best suiting your needs.