Online games are video games that are played over computer network. This network is called as internet or similar technology. The increase in number of online games has reflected the overall increase in computer networks. The growth of internet access has been increase itself. Online games are varied from simple text based environments to games incorporating 2D and 3D technology. A huge number of players play these games virtually. Online games are a forum of social activity where different players can play with each other.  Online gaming is a mechanism for connecting players virtually. There are a lot of advantages of these playoffs. There are multi player games, albeit single-player online games are also very popular. Majority of online playoffs don’t require money and there are variety of games for all type of players.

In 2009, china was reported as the largest market for online games. It has 368 million online players in which 73% of players are male and remaining 27% are female. In 2006, only 50 million internet users were playing online games. The worldwide estimates about revenue from online games will reach up to $35 billion by the year 2017.

With the advent of World Wide Web, browser games are introduced by gaming companies. Browser games use a web browser as a client. Single user games were made using HTML and HTML scripting technologies including JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and ASP. Java and Flash technology is used to make more sophisticated browser games. There are games known as Java or Flash games and are highly popular. These games played by installing flash plug-in.  Browser games offer limited number of multi-player play as compare to single player games.

Browser based baby hazel games are popular among kids. These games include learning, party, baby care, preschool and pet care games. These are the best entertainment for kids with some education. Allow your children to play these online playoffs where they can spend some quality time. Racing playoffs are also there for grownups.  Usually boys like to play these types of playoffs such as Bike Games which are highly entertaining and mind refreshing. These games are free from adult content and safe for kids and youngsters.

Browser-based games are now using web technologies like Ajax to create multi player playoffs. Currently, Java has been used for browser games and Java Applets are embedded in Web Pages. Multi-player online games are also there which can be played through a game server over internet with other gamer around the world. Fighting games and sports games are examples of these games.