Blanche Eden (pronounced ‘Blonc Eden’) is one of the leading emerging artists in the music industry and a Pop R&B singer-songwriter. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and was brought up there for the most of her life by her single mom, a Native Costa Rican. Before she became a renowned singer, she had to face a lot of challenges that could have prohibited her from success, but nevertheless these hard times are perhaps what molded her into the star that she is today. From her childhood days, she had dreamt of becoming a multi-faceted artist. She started her career by performing at the Ballet and tap recitals when she was merely eight years old.

This gave her confidence and the experience that she needed to shine in the world. All this work on polishing her skills and talents has finally paid off as many of her songs have stayed on the music charts now. Eden has been known for her previous work of as a professional photographer, make-up artist and dancer. This makes her one of the most resourceful artists of the present era. Such is her talent that she is now being compared to the likes of Rihanna, Tinashe, Brandy, legend Erykah Badu, and the Queen herself, Beyoncé.


What makes her songs so good?

The fact that her songs are a perfect mixture of Pop, R&B music, Dance and even a little bit of Trap. Her lyrics and music style is inspirational yet seductive and eccentric. This is why it has become so popular amongst people, especially the younger generation. Her new single ‘Alone N’ Horny‘ is the hottest song being played in every bar and club. Released on the first of January, it is already one of the sexiest R&B tracks by a female artist this year, hands down! Most of her songs are about love and relationships and Eden has even confessed to adding her personal experiences in her songs.

Almost a year back, on Valentine’s Day the sultry laidback R&B album ‘Beautiful Again’ was released. It had all the R&B fans out there going gaga over it and it is not surprising that even though a year has passed, it is still pretty much being listened to and loved by them. ‘Beautiful Again’ is available on iTunes.

Some of her other popular songs are Only Words, You Don’t Love Me Anymore, Sex 101, My Window, Say Yeah, He Loves you, Sorry, and Leavin. In addition to this R&B pleasurable list is the new and irresistible Alone N’ Horny which is a must listen for all diehard R&B fans.

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