Pakistan dramas are considered the best and here are the reasons why Pakistani dramas are better ones.

  • There is a strong storyline of dramas. These stories were based on reality and facts and donot promote something immoral.Infact they provide us with a great moral. These stories are because of creative and inventive writers who observe their surroundings and the happenings keenly and then paint a perfect picture of it and bring out a solution for the problems.
  • Powerful direction was another factor that played an important role in their popularity. The directors were so much effectual. Their prevailing direction put a spirit into the strong stories.
  • Another factor is that drama is not extended too much that everyone starts getting bore of it. Every drama has a precise number of episodes. The drama is not too much prolonged that everyone gets fed up and not shortened too much that story remains incomplete.
  • The great and real actors through their flawless acting portray their character wonderfully that everyone just sticks to the screens. Their fabulous acting makes the environment mesmerizing.
  • The stories were not the copies of typical Indian soaps.
  • All the Pakistani TV dramas have a strong script and are directed by regnant directors and impeccable acting has made these dramas biggest hit.
  • They have a story with definite start and then have a clear end.
  • They don’t stretch their weddings for months and months.
  • They don’t have a story of coming back from the dead.

The down turn for the dramas is due to the reasons which are very significant.

  • The scripts of these dramas are very weak. The spectrum silver channels ask the writers to write the script of their choice in a short period of time. So writers cannot construct the solid stories delicately.
  • The directors are not provided with proper and valid time so that they can direct anything accordingly.
  • Sometimes the actors also become a reason. They are unable to convey their character to the viewers and the dialogue delivery is so poor that it makes the viewers lose their interest in the drama.
  • The expressions needed for the situation are not given. The dramas are stretched beyond the limit. Sometimes they seem interesting in the beginning but after few episodes find it boring and stop watching them. Sometimes there is also a touch of Indian dramas which make it incredibly uninteresting.

The dramas can be improved and upgraded by working on the factors that make dramas better. This working will prove extremely effective and the viewers will get engage to the dramas. Hoping that in future we will find something that is worth watching!!!!