• Ways To Boost The Immune System

    Ways To Boost The Immune System

    The online or offline stores have a lot of supplements and products that claim to help enhance your immune system. But while it may sound like an easy-way, boosting your immune system is actually a lot harder than you might think.

    Good health depends more than just diet and exercise. Without a doubt your environment also affects your health, and the right plant can actually make a big change in your stress level, your sleep quality, your mood and even your breathing. Today’s article is all about ways to boost your immune system.

    Healthy Diet Is A Must

    The problem today is that we are increasingly munching on foods like crazy. There is nothing better than eating a healthy diet to boost immunity. Including more green vegetables and fruits in your diet is one of the natural ways to increase immunity.

    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Water is the best medicine. It plays many important roles in your body, including supporting your immune system. A fluid in your circulatory system called lymphatic, which carries important infection-fighting immune cells around your body, is largely composed of water. Dehydration slows lymph movement, sometimes leading to impaired immune systems. Strat drinking water when you wake up and make sure you have at least 8 glasses of water in a day.


    Inadequate or poor quality sleep leads to illness. In a study, it showed that  people who slept less than 6 hours each night were more likely to catch a cold than those who slept 6 hours or more. Getting enough rest can strengthen your natural immunity. In addition, you can sleep more when the sick allow your immune system to fight the disease better.

    Exercise Regularly

    Exercise is a key to a healthy heart, healthy mind and it definitely boosts your immune system. We often think of exercise to prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, or as a way to keep weight under control. But exercise can also contribute to general good health, including a healthy immune system. Exercise can promote good blood circulation, which allows the substances in your cells and immune system to freely move their bodies to do their work efficiently.

    Immune Booster Supplements

    Yes, you can take some good quality supplement boosters only on doctor’s prescription

    There are various immunity booster capsules and powders available in the market, so it is wise to take what is recommended by the doctor.


    Plants are essential for humans! Plants purify the air and absorb impurities. So, it is a good habit to keep the plants that purify air such as Aloe Vera plant, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, and Peace Lily in your home and your workplace. Apart from these, keeping lucky plants for office and home brings you good luck and keeps you happy and stress free which ultimately leads to good health.

    Cut Added Sugar

    Research suggests that added sugars and refined carbs may contribute to overweight and obesity. Likewise, obesity can increase your risk of getting sick.

    These were some of the ways to boost your immunity. Consider keeping up with the lifestyle habits above, rather than relying on claims on a label.

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    5 Bestselling Gnc Amp Supplements For Great Health

    Fitness is all about bringing a change in your lifestyle. When you start making healthy choices and start taking care of your physical and mental health that’s when your fitness journey begins. GNC products will be beneficial in helping you accomplish your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for a high quality whey protein or mass gainer, multivitamins or supplements for specific health concerns you will find it all on www.guardian.in.

    GNC AMP is a sub category of products by the brand and it has some of the most popular GNC products. The products in this category are suitable for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and professional athletes.

    Here are the top 5 best selling GNC AMP products for great health.

    GNC AMP Pure Isolate

    GNC AMP Pure Isolate is considered one of the best whey protein isolate supplements in India. It fuels athletic strength and performance. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey and has least fat and lactose content making it the perfect choice for people with lactose intolerance as well. Some of the main benefits of GNC AMP Pure Isolate are – supports quick and sustained muscle recovery, provides good quality protein in each serving, banned substances free,

    It is available in 2 flavors – vanilla and chocolate frosting. Each serving delivers 25 g of high quality protein and is loaded with 5 g BCAA and 17 g muscle supporting amino acids to speed up the muscle recovery process. Just add 1 scoop in 180 – 240 ml chilled water or milk and shake well.

    GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX

    GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX is the best mass gainer in India. It is affordable and is known to deliver great results. If your fitness goal is to build lean muscles then this is the perfect GNC product for you. GNC Mass XXX comes loaded with micronized glutamine to support positive muscle function  and also helps improve stamina and performance.

    Each serving delivers 748 calories and 50 g protein. It is available in 2 classic flavors – vanilla and chocolate. It comes packed with essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids to improve strenuous workout sessions. It is a gluten free supplement which helps fuel muscles and is effective in muscle growth and repair as well.

    GNC AMP Wheybolic Protein

    Next on the list of best GNC AMP supplements is GNC AMP Wheybolic Protein. Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness supplements and if you are looking for a high quality whey protein then do check out GNC AMP Wheybolic Protein. It is a clinically proven performance protein which will make you stronger in just 8 weeks. You can use it before or after cardio sessions to get the best results.

    It is available in 3 variants – classic vanilla, cookies and cream, and chocolate fudge. The advanced enzyme blend in ProHydrolase fuels higher protein absorption and Velositol accelerates muscle protein synthesis. Each serving provides 40 g protein, 15 g BCAA, 10 g leucine, 1 g of velositol, and 400 mg of prohydrolase.

    GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA Advanced

    Push yourself extra hard and give your workouts that edge with GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA Advanced. BCAA supplements are much needed by those who are into intense gymming and bodybuilding. The special formula is enriched with 3 amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine; and 3 other essential nutrients – L-Citrulline, glutamine, and Vitamin B6.

    GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA Advanced is available in 3 variants – orange, green apple, and kiwi strawberry. It is caffeine and creatine free, prevents muscle breakdown during intense workouts, improves recovery time and boosts immunity, and gives better muscle strength. You can have it as a pre- workout drink or as a post workout drink as well.

    Make sure you choose a supplement as per your fitness goals. Ask your trainer whether you need a whey protein, BCAA supplement, or GNC mass XXX and then add it to your routine for great results.

    GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced

    When talking about the best GNC AMP supplements we cannot miss the popular GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced. It is an advanced formula that is perfect to gain lean muscles and is efficient in speeding up muscle recovery as well.

    It comes in 3 flavors – delicious strawberry, vanilla, and double rich chocolate. Each serving delivers 24 g superior quality protein, 5.5 g BCAA, 4 g glutamine, and is enriched with 100 mg of digestive enzymes. It is a mixture of fast digesting whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed to support lean muscles.

    You can buy all these supplements and also check out the complete range of GNC products on the official Indian GNC website – www.guardian.in

    Make sure you consult your doctor before including any new supplement in your routine to avoid any side effects. If you are pregnant or a lactating mother, or are taking medications for any health concern then avoid these supplements. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to any surgery. And if you notice any allergic reactions consult your doctor immediately.

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    Personal Trainers’ Tips To Control Diabetes With Exercise

    Exercise helps control diabetes and prevents complications and problems. Training for diabetic people should be accompanied by special activities to warm up and cool down and stretch the muscles. Blood sugar should be measured before and after exercise. QUADFIT personal trainer in North York can plan a good training program by analyzing all the effective items for diabetic people. A personal trainer should check training sessions for the person with diabetes. Exercise is considered one of the essential treatment programs for people with diabetes. Unfortunately, many patients with diabetes feel they can’t exercise even if they are motivated to do so.

    On the contrary, many people tend to do strenuous exercise without any detailed guidance. Diabetes is no exception to this rule, but these people must consider some critical points. They should never start a new exercise program without consulting with a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

    Training Benefits For Diabetic People

    • Exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and lowers blood sugar.
    • Exercise lowers blood fats.
    • corrects blood lipids and raises beneficial cholesterol.
    • Strengthens the heart and circulatory system.
    • Reduces body fat and improves muscle tissue.
    • Relieves stress and help the patient feel relaxed.

    In some people, exercise combined with a proper diet can control type 2 diabetes without medication. But you should consult with your personal trainer.

    Personal Trainers

    How Do People With Diabetes Exercise?

    There are some basic rules that people with diabetes should consider while exercising, including:

    • Exercise frequency
    • Exercise Intensity
    • Exercise time
    • Type of sport

    Regular exercise with the proper intensity and at the right time will improve your health condition. You can easily see the positive changes in your blood sugar soon after appropriate training.

    Time also plays a significant role in training. For example, if you walk for twenty minutes three times a week, you can slightly change your schedule or increase your exercise time by 10 to 15 minutes. You can also add various other activities such as cycling, swimming, or aerobics to your training program, after consulting with your personal trainer.

    Exercise should include a warm-up. Besides, when a person has enough information about the sport he is doing, he will enjoy it more and increase his motivation.

    Warming up and cooling down, paying attention to the type of exercise you do, are two steps you should never ignore while training. Warm-up increases the blood flow in your muscles and reduces the risk of injuries.

    When Should People With Diabetes Exercise?

    Early morning may be the best time to exercise. Exercising early in the morning makes you feel refreshed throughout the day, but that does not mean a person with diabetes should exercise in the morning!

    Exercise raises high blood sugar and lowers low blood sugar. So the best time to do sports is when you have regular blood sugar. Two or three hours after your meal would be the best time to exercise. Generally, you should measure your blood sugar before you start exercising.

    Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar?

    Physical activity in diabetic people who use insulin causes a drop in blood sugar. Hypoglycemia may occur during exercise or six to 10 hours after exercise (delayed hypoglycemia). So people with diabetes should measure their blood sugar before exercising, and they should consult with their doctor and personal trainer.

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    How To Keep Focus On Your Weight Loss Journey During This Pandemic?

    Staying in a pandemic is challenging throughout. Everybody is struggling by some means, either mentally or physically, to survive better at this time. No doubt, it’s hard but is the requirement of time. Also, nobody will blame you for abandoning your diet or leaving the exercise plans in this tenure. Everybody is just trying to pass their days in safe ways. Some involve themselves in baking the latest recipes and gaining weight by trying those recipes.

    In contrast, many are trying to spend most of their time with their pets after hearing the ESA doctors review to release the tension and stress. Because in this pandemic, the essential thing to do so is to stay calm and fight with the situation with high morals. Fighting with toughs and increasing morals is necessary, but besides this, many of us have started eating a lot in this time situation to utilize our time and making food our best friend. But it is highly recommended by the health experts not to gain excess weight during this crucial historical time.

    Here we have a few ways for you to focus on your weight loss during this pandemic which are as follows:-

    Shop Food Items Smartly

    Staying in quarantine demands to be more organized then being ever before. Especially at times when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables. Try to eat a combination of fresh and frozen canned food items. Because in a pandemic, you have less activity to do, so for such reason, its good for you to eat more proteins and fibers then to digest carbohydrates. It’s better to choose the fresh ones instead of the canned ones to have more precious minerals.

    Take Sleep Properly

    Sleeping correctly is highly essential in this pandemic. Having excess or not enough sleep leads to weight gain, declines sugar growth, and increases appetite, so try to keep your sleeping schedule in order and not abandon yourself by sleeping late in the mornings and staying up at all night by watching a screen or playing games. Keep yourself with relatively regular sleep timings. It would be far easy for you by following the same old sleeping principles by avoiding the caffeine, alcohol, etc., before the sleeping hours and keeping your room dark with a moderate temperature at bedtime.

    Keep Yourself Accountable

    Keeping yourself accountable is one of the best ways to track all the things you are eating. Schedule your meal timings along with the stuff you are going to take to keep everything balanced. You can also keep a food journal for your ease and mark it in it every essential.

    Channel Your Stress

    It’s true that during stressful situations, emotional eating is always at the peak. And in such times you still run towards the food or comfort to get yourself relaxed or happy. No doubt, it’s fun and makes you amazed to have your favorite food on your hand, but you should not develop unintentional eating habits. If you are feeling yourself like stress-eating, analyze yourself and check either you are hungry or anxious. And most of the time, you will find yourself eating emotionally. For such times make your list of things you can do instead of tasting like calling a friend, writing a diary, watching the latest season, etc., to channel your stress somewhere else.


    We all agree with this that avoiding gaining weight in a pandemic is difficult, but it is equally essential for healthy well-being. For such reason, consider your activities under your observations to prevent any such activities favoring you to gain weight.

    Initially, it would be a little difficult for you to cope, but slowly and gradually, it would become your habit to consider and avoid weight gain. This habit will also favor you in maintaining yourself after pandemic as well.

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    Guaranteed To Learn How to Pass a Hair Folical Drug Test

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Drug testing is technical checkup of hair, blood, urine as well as other biological samples with an idea to determine the presence of illegal and legal drugs in an individual’s system. The most common reasons for drug testing are:

    Pre-employment Drug Screening

    • This particular type of test is conducted by an employer to check the presence of controlled substances before the hiring agreement. It is legally allowed for employers to see whether a potential employee has a history of drug abuse and to decline the application in case of a positive test.

    Work-Related Drug Test

    • On the other hand, if you are already an employee, your employer has to follow specific privacy regulations and guidelines so that he/she can conduct a random or situation-based drug test. The idea is to identify the current intoxication or perform a screening after a specific situation such as an accident that caused problems to other workers so that employer could avoid liability issues that come with personal injury. You should check out Weed News official website to learn how to cleanse your hair from weed and THC.

    Athletic Drug Testing 

    • When it comes to testing due to sports, you should have in mind that these tests are checking for performance-enhancing drugs that are forbidden to consume among professional athletes.

    Why Do Employers Conduct Drug Testing?

    The most common reason for conducting a drug test is due to the employment process, especially if you wish to work in areas such as federal transportation, hospitals, railways, airline industry and other workplaces in which you can affect public safety.

    On the other hand, workplace drug testing is standard among most industries nowadays because employers wish to reduce issues that are coming with drug abuse such as safety concerns and low levels of productivity.

    One of the biggest problems that are affecting the USA in the last few years is prescription drug abuse.

    According to statistics and reports by NIDA, drug abuse costs economy for more than $800 billion on an annual basis, and these costs are related to lost work productivity, crime, and health care.

    The idea between pre-employment drug tests is limited to drugs that are commonly abused among employees such as alcohol and prescription medications, but also illegal, performance-enhancing, and psychoactive substances.

    The most common screening method is urinalysis in which applicant has to provide an appropriate urine sample, but in some cases, they have to require sweat, saliva, blood, and hair based on the type of screening.

    For some specific jobs that are related to high levels of security, employees have to undergo random drug tests, which are legal. These screenings can happen in case of an accident, and when there is a suspicion that a particular employee is misusing illegal substances.

    What Types Of Lab Tests Are Used For Checking Out The Drug Content?

    It is vital to make sure that you choose the certified laboratory that will help you reduce mistakes and inaccuracies. Have in mind that most programs involve a two-step process, which is there to determine the drug content and to find out whether everything is okay.

    The first test used includes immunoassay, and the last one confirms the result. Both methods are commonly used among most drug tests that exist on the market. Only with the combination of these methods, you can reduce the possibilities of false positives that may happen.

    You should have in mind that immunoassay is the first step that administrators are using to check whether you consumed something or not. In case that this particular test is negative, they do not have to use the second method for testing.

    On the other hand, if the test is positive, the confirmatory analysis is used to identify drug substances as well as metabolites and the amount of them inside the specimen you gave. This is the best way to confirm positive results on the test.

    What Should You Expect During Workplace Drug Testing?

    In the case of pre-employment screening, you have to receive notification that will explain to you where you have to go to provide a specimen so that you can enter another round of negotiation.

    Therefore, they should give you specific period as well as the name of laboratory, and in most cases, they will ask you to conduct screening in the next 48 hours so that you can reduce chances of tampering with the testing.

    At the same time, you have to go to a specific laboratory so that you can submit a biological specimen, or do it inside, and in most cases, these tests are urinalysis.

    As soon as you enter the facility, you should submit the sample by checking out the discretion policy and maintaining privacy.

    They can also conduct blood, saliva, and hair follicle drug tests for hiring screenings, but that is not the standard practice because they are expensive or unreliable.

    Have in mind that during the evaluation, they have to follow strict practices as well as standards with an idea to prevent adulteration of the sample and the test.

    You have to give documentation as well as other personal information, and some laboratory procedures involve making specimens under supervision. By checking here, you will be able to learn more on urinalysis.

    How Long Do Drugs Remain In Your Body?

    It is challenging to answer this particular question because it depends on numerous factors along the way. Since these variables may affect the time of drug that you find in the urine or other places, you should have in mind that drug’s half-life is the first one you have to consider.

    At the same time, other factors such as your fluid balance and state of hydration will play leading role. Remember that frequency, as well as quantity of usage, is another important consideration, especially if you consume weed, which requires plenty of time to get out of the system.

    You can consider general guidelines, but everything depends on your body constitution, mass, workout frequency, as well as health habits that you prefer on a daily basis.

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    Top 8 Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration [Infographic]

    What denotes a healthy body? Flexibility, for one thing. The more your body is flexible, the more it’s able to do all sorts of physical activities. But how can you promote it within your body’s systems? This infographic tells you that vibration workouts might do the trick. It says that within just a 5-minute session on a vibrating plate, your flexibility is already increased by 8.2%!

    Vibrapro Infographic

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    Secrets Of These Gummies

    Have you ever heard of a medicine made out of cute little gummy bears? A medicine that could help you ease out pain on your body? Can even decrease depression? Or even miraculously cure cancerous cells? Well, you’ve got to believe that there is!

    How real is this?

    CBD edibles have different taste. From the main component which is the cannabis sativa, a cousin of hemp or marijuana, they made this candy-like medicine to ease out pain on everyone’s body. They extracted the CBD from the hemp and has less than .3% THC that’s why it was legalized in the 50 states. On the other hand, CBD edibles that were made from the marijuana extract with the same THC level is not legal on the 50 states due to potentially high side effects on anyone who will intake this.

    cbd-edibles.jpg (1719×1080)

    CBD edibles comes from different candy-like forms but the most popular one and has taken the medicine industry by storm were the CBD gummies.

    CBD gummies comes from different shapes, sizes and flavours. But the most popular one is the CBD gummy-bear like candies. This taste like honey, sugar or chocolate.

    What are the Advantages of this?

    As years goes by, the suicide rate have been increasing in a maximum level each year. Mental and emotional health of the people around the world most especially in the US is dropping into a negative level. These gummies helped a lot of people in curing their anxiety, depressions and even sleeping disorders. It has this power to take down all the stress in our body in a matter of minutes. The effect may take 20 minutes after intake but for some it would take 60 minutes depending on how fast it was digested. Who would have thought that these gummy bears candies can bring you another hope and make your mental health healthier?

    AdobeStock_1777860.jpeg (1300×864)

    What are the Disadvantages of this?

    Some says, that because it was composed of an extracted oil from the hemp, this will give you a high or drugged like feeling. But this CBD gummies has nothing to do with that. This CBD gummies were actually made for those illnesses that was mentioned and also for those who were addicted on using marijuana or hemp. If you don’t want to inhale it like the traditional way, you can buy CBD gummies for a better healthier life.

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    Positive Steps In Reducing Global Warming Impacts Of HFC Refrigerants

    Although HFC refrigerants were recommended as the best alternative to the ozone depleting HCFC refrigerants, such as R-22, they have been found to be similarly damaging to the environment. HFC refrigerants have significant global warming potential. Their release into the environment occurs through leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment used in motor vehicles, commercial and residential applications.

    Global warming is real; and has devastating environmental effects. To reduce global warming, and with it, the nasty associated effects it’s essential that the world at large adopts a unified stand on the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases.

    global-warming.jpg (4171×2346)

    Global warming refers to the process through which the temperatures on the earth’s surface are continuously rising as heat from the sun bouncing off the earth’s surface is reflected back to the surface by greenhouse gases.

    HFCs are known to collect in the earth’s atmosphere reflecting heat back to the earth’s surface. This combined with the fact that they remain there for a period of more than fifteen years means that they have the ability to have a huge global warming impact overall.

    Fortunately, as you will find out below, a number of vital and deliberate steps have been taken towards reducing the global warming impacts of HFC refrigerants over the last few years.

    What Are HFC Refrigerants?

    To understand why HFC refrigerants are said to have global warming effects, it’s important to start by looking at what they are made of.

    In the beginning, CFCs or chloroflorocarbons, which were developed back in the 1920’s, were used in commercial, automotive and residential air cooling systems. These compounds were however banned from production and use under the Montreal protocol due to their ozone depleting properties.

    istock_000048261868_large.jpg (2716×1811)

    CFCs were replaced by HCFCs, or Hydrochloroflorocarbons. HCFCs were preferred over their predecessors due to their lower potential in depleting the ozone layer. However, the refrigerants were simply a stop gap before a lasting solution could be found as they still had ozone depleting and global warming properties. This led to their eventual phase out.

    In came HFCs, hydroflorocarbons. These refrigerants were developed to replace HCFCs. The absence of chlorine in HFCs meant that they had no ozone depleting potential. This made them the perfect alternative to HCFC refrigerants. However, they were discovered to have global warming properties.

    Since some HFC refrigerants could be used as “drop in” alternatives in some cooling systems that were originally designed to use HCFC refrigerants, they became an instant hit. Maintenance technicians could simply switch out the scarce and pricier HCFC refrigerant with widely available HFC alternatives with minimal system changes.

    HFC Refrigerant Examples

    Some of the popular examples of HFC refrigerants that have been widely used to replace HCFC refrigerants include R-134A, R-404A, R-410A and R-23 among others.

    HFC Phase Out

    A global HFC refrigerant phase out was agreed upon in 2016. The phase out was signed off on by more than 170 nations, effectively ratifying amendments to the Montreal Protocol in favor of such action.

    This amendment was arrived at as a result of the observation that HFC refrigerants, though significantly lower than the level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere had a significantly higher potential to cause global warming.

    global-warming-climate-change-tree_1big_stock2.jpg (2500×1667)

    The global warming potential (GWP) of a gas is usually expressed in relation to CO2. CO2 is said to have a global warming potential of 1. In comparison, HFC refrigerants have a global warming potential that goes into the thousands. As you can see, the refrigerants have more potential to cause serious global warming effects in a shorter amount of time.

    HFC Phase Out Dates

    The adoption of the 2016 amendments to the Montreal Protocol kicked off the start of the HFC phase out. According to the amendments, no new equipment using HFC refrigerants would be produced as from the first of jan 2024.

    The production of the refrigerant would however continue past this date, and would be completely banned by the year 2047. This is due to the fact that the use of the refrigerant was estimated to reach its global peak by the year 2028 or as early as 2019 in developed nations. The huge variety of cooling equipment designed to use this refrigerant would make it quite necessary for a gradual phase out that would terminate by the year 2047, as stated above.


    With the HFC phase out in gear, the search for viable alternatives is in top gear. Here is a list of the top HFC alternatives available today.


    Ammonia has been used in cooling applications for a long time. Even though ammonia is considered to be harmful, it has no ozone depleting or global warming properties; and is therefore a great alternative to HFC refrigerants.

    It has been used all around the world as a refrigerant in industrial applications in the food processing industry and commercial air conditioning equipment.

    Hydrocarbon And Propane

    These alternatives namely isobutene R600A and R29 are also considered to be great alternatives to HFC use due to their zero ozone depleting potential and negligible GWP rating. The refrigerants are however flammable; their use is therefore highly regulated in the United States and Canada.

    These refrigerants are however used extensively in domestic cooling equipment in Europe, China and Japan.

    Carbon Dioxide

    Although CO2 is a global warming gas on its own, its GWP rating is substantially lower than that of HFC refrigerants. The gas is no-flammable and non-toxic making it a great alternative to HFC refrigerants used in domestic cooling systems. It is however worth noting that carbon dioxide can only deliver its cooling effect when placed under high pressure; as such, it would require the installation of new cooling equipment.

    HFC impacts on the environment are being combated by the global adoption of the HFC phase out as envisioned in the Montreal Protocol amendments. However, the absence of a guiding framework has played a part in delaying the phase out. For instance some countries such as the US are yet to agree to the requirements of the protocol due to political bureaucracy. Find out more her HTTP://WWW.BLUONENERGY.COM.