Kerala is located in the southern part of India and is also referred as Keralam. It is a wonderful region of south India and is one of the much preferred areas of India as far as honeymoon is concerned. Kerala honeymoon tours are a lifetime charm because the region itself has everything that the honeymooner will love to enjoy. The beaches, the sizzling backwaters, the historical strictures like temples, churches and palaces, national parks etc are something the honeymoon traveler will love to see in this part of the world. Some preferred honeymoon regions in this part of the world are

The cities of Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram

Cochin is also referred as the queen of the Arabian Sea. It is a city of great charm and the couples can feel it by spending the evenings at the famous Broadway hub from where they can also go to the fort Cochin area by a boat. There are many hotels offering the best cuisines and from the hotels in the Broadway region, one can also have the glimpse of the beautiful Arabian Sea. Move to the Fort Cochin area and see the special charm of the Chinese fishing nets. One can also eat the fresh sea food here that is cooked in the authentic Kerala style. From Cochin, the couple can move to the backwaters of Allappuzha and enjoy the honeymoon nights in the boat called Ketuvallam. Thiruvananthapuram is a heritage city and one can also see the famous palace of the king here. From here, the couples can visit the much acclaimed Kovalam beach that is pristine. There are resorts and star hotels near the beach.

Munnar—An exceptional hill station

Honeymooners love this hill station because of tea gardens and musty mountains. There is a special flower that grows here and its name is Neelkurinji.

Special experience of Kerala

Kerala is exceptional when it comes to the beauty of nature and this is what the people who go for the Kerala honeymoon Trip need. Honeymooners love Kerala because of its significance as far as the natural beauty is concerned. The state falls between Lakshadweep and the Western Ghats. Backwaters and beaches are something the honeymoon tourist does not want to miss in this part of the world. Kerala is indeed called the backwater hub with some of the sizzling backwater hubs like Allappuzha and Kumarakom.

Allappuzha—a spot to remember in life

This is in fact the oldest planned town of this part of the world and is quite famous for the canals, the backwaters and the beaches. The backwaters of this part of the world are very famous in the state. The couples can hire the boat along with the chef. They can spend some wonderful tome in this part of the world. There is also a beautiful beach called the beach of Allappuzha. This is a calm beach and one can spend some wonderful time along with the new wed wife on this beach. This is the place for which Lord Curzon said that here the nature has provided its fullness. This is why he called it the Venice of the east. From here, the couples can also visit the place called Kuttanad. This is a place of coconut palms, streams and greenery. One should not forget to visit the famous Sri Krishna temples of Alleppey.

Kumarakom—a blissful backwater Hub

Kumarakom is one of the famous backwater hubs of Kerala and one can move to this place from Alleppey by a boat. Here one can stay for some extra days and enjoy the sight of the chirping birds of the sanctuary. The resorts, hotels and Vembenad Lake make it a joyful experience.