The Most Effective Method To Picked The Correct Shade Of Your Glasses

1.Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

Want to shine like the sun in the sky this summer? Then mirrored frames are were made with you in mind. Although flashy and frankly intimidating – how do you feel when you talk with somebody while staring at your own reflection? – reflective sunglasses can be both classy and stylish.

Darker then non mirrored lenses, well UV400 proteced

For cool, chic outfits, outdoor

Driving, skiing, traveling,  in sunny day, in snowy day, not in cloudy day


Many colors to chose from, perfect for shooting in spring and summer

Cannot provide eye from the UV400 totally, do not suggest to wear in big sunny day

Used for street style, chic,fashion outfits, indoor party, swimming pool party

Wear in cloudy day


Dark grey, black, brown lenses

Well protected your eyes from UV400

Driving, traveling, in sunny day, in snowy day, not in cloudy day

Daily outfits, casual outfits, suitable for everyone and any occasion

More elegant than mirrored lenses sunglasses, better for senior

4.Bluelight blocking glasses

Looks like clear glasses but the lenses seem a little yellow or blue.

Only used for blocking blue light, cannot protect UV400,

Also flatter your face shape

Indoor for working, videogame, do not suggest under the big sunshine

For students, office ladies , game players